About TR Log

The TR Contest Logging Program is designed to be used for any contest. Its configuration file allows you to set it up with any combination of points and multipliers. It comes setup and ready to go for more than 50 contests.

Due to the enormous amount of informations available on this software, please refer to the main TR Log site for technical reference.

Please note, however, that the sales information on the main site is applicable to non-Europeans only. If you're in Europe - keep reading below on this page.


FREE trial version of TR Log (510 kb) using your web browser:

FREE trial version of TR Log (510 kb) using FTP:
and it's manual:

TR Log Version 4.05 - This is an older version that will work well for many contests:

You'll need PKUNZIP to decompress the files after downloading. If you need the PKZIP software package, you can get it using FTP:

The complete manual (latest edition) is available for download in PDF format. This manual also covers the freeware version. If you would like to purchase the latest version of TR Log, please see below.

Robert Barron KA5WSS has written a conversion program that converts log files between many popular logging programs. It works quite well and he has plans to improve it and add more conversion routines. For more information, see the LOGCONV web page.

TR Updates (current users only)

The easiest way of keeping in sync with the frequent version releases, is to sign up for an update subscription. The first year is included in the original purchase. After one year, the subscription can be extended for $15 for another year's worth of updates, or by signing up for a life-time subscription for $100.

The updates are delivered via Internet as files attached to regular E-mail, or via regular mail providing that a diskette with a mailer and $2 is sent to us for each version you would like to receive. You can also purchase one single update on disk for $4.

For More Information via E-mail

To request more information about the TR Contest Logging Program, send a message to: info@jonit.com.

We also suggest that you join the TR LOG mailing list discussion group.

Or, you can look at recent messages in the TR LOG mailing list archive.

How To Order

A number of local dealers are operating in various parts of Europe. Click here to see whether your country is served by a local dealer or not. If you are in a country not being served by a local dealer, you are kindly asked to place your order at Jonit Software.

Your Ordering Options at Jonit Software:
Submit the text based order form via Internet using MasterCard or Visa (fastest and easiest method)

Print out the text based order form and mail or fax it to us along with your cash or credit card information. Mailing address is located on the form and also at the contact page of this web site.

Call us at +46-63-57 21 22 with your order. If you get the answering machine, leave your call, name, address, and credit card information.

The software and manual (PDF format) can be delivered via the Internet. (no shipping needed)


Please note that prices and other terms may be slightly different in areas served by a local dealer.

Description Price
New users:
Full version (no printed manual) $ 60.00
Old version 4.05 (diskette only) No charge
TR-Free version 1.00 (diskette only) No charge
Printed manual
$ 15.00
Current users:
Annual subscription fee $ 15.00
Lifetime subscription $ 100.00
Latest version on Diskette
(shipping included)
$ 5.00
Printed manual $ 15.00
Shipping: (Not needed for Email deliveries)
Within Europe $ 4.00
Outside Europe $ 6.00

Methods of payment

Cash (recommended mail) or credit card VISA/MC (preferred)
All prices in US $.