WJ2O Master QSO Logging Program is the premium logging software for the DOS environment. It has been around since 1985 and is time tested by thousands of hams world wide.

The development of this software was discontinued in March 2001 and the most current version 3.51.3 is now released as freeware.

Main Features

Easy identification of DXCC country or zones!
Once a call is entered, the DXCC country is easily and instantly identified. Both the ITU and the CQ zones are also displayed. Portable operations are equally as easy to identify.

QSL cards!
Print QSL cards or labels from a stock format or design a customized format. You can print your QSL cards as you are also printing the QSO data. If you don't like your design you can quickly change it. You can store as many designs as you have disk space. Sheet labels through laser printers also work great!

Interface with the outside world!
You can link directly with any of the popular callsign databases (SAM, HamBase, Amsoft, QRZ or Buckmaster). Connect with your HF rig and have the frequency and mode entered into your log automatically. Receive DX spots via the packet radio.

Easy step-by-step menus!
Single keystrokes step you through a logical sequence of menus. All menus are self-explanatory, and a "help screen" is available for each one. So much power yet so easy to run.

Descriptive manual!
Eleven chapters thoroughly explaining every function of this versatile software package. Sample video displays are strategically placed within the text. Appendixes are also included. 

Perform QSL tracking!
Once your QSO is confirmed, you can enter it in the log. Now you can print a list of those rare ones that still haven't returned a card.

Selectable printouts!
You may select from many different choices of which QSO's you would like to print out. Fourteen different data fields to choose from. Also select which bands, WARC bands and VHF frequencies are included.

Special net operating section!
Handy format for net operation. Instant confirmation if you've worked the check-ins or not. Hams you've worked before have their name flash on the screen quicker than you can say it.

Adjustable DXCC prefix file!
New prefixes are heard on the air every day. No need to purchase an update to include them. You can add new DXCC countries and prefixes easily.

Import and export files!
Data files created from other sources may be automatically loaded into your main data file. Conversely, data files can be created from your main data file to use for other purposes.

Help utilities!
Several single keystroke pop-up utilities are available. (State abbreviations, DXCC countries list, international prefix allocations, local time around the world, Q signals, and several others).

Click here to see a more verbose features list.

Hardware requirements

PC/XT/AT with minimum 640 kb RAM and a hard disk. The software is running smoothly under Windows (tested with 3.x / 9x / 2000) in a DOS window.


Fully functional version 3.51.3. 
All in one file (wd3513.zip - Complete install - 1,9 Mb)
- or -

Contents of installation disk 1 (wd3513_d1.zip - 1 Mb)
Contents of installation disk 2 (wd3513_d2.zip - 900 kb)


The software is downloadable for free (see above). If you want to get your copy via snail mail, please see the price list below.

Description Price
Printed manual $ 15.00
A floppy disk containing the most current version (new/upgrade) $ 5.00

Shipping within Europe is included in the above prices. DX - please add $ 3.00
All prices in US Dollars

Methods of payment

Cash (recommended mail) or credit card VISA/MC (preferred)
Mail or fax your order to +46-63-572122



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